Sunday, 21 September 2014

Neverwinter: Not so Hidden Communities

While the Siege of Neverwinter takes center stage in Neverwinter Online at the moment, with the armies of the Cult of the Dragon attacking the exterior walls of the city I thought I would talk about something else in the Cryptic's online D&D game, namely two not-so-hidden groups that might make life better for players.

First up is the Scribe's Enclave, whom readers of this site might have heard about before. If player generated content and building quests in the Foundry is something you enjoy then please give their guildlaunch site a look (setting up a guildlaunch account is free and straight forward). Not only do they play through your quests but they also give a lot of advice and ideas on how to make your missions the best they can be. Everything from accuracy of lore to decor techniques to technical mechanics and tricks in the foundry editor. They are actually going through some tough times at the moment with scribe leader Zeirlynn going through some burnout, so new blood would be more than welcome.

The second "community" exists as a channel in the game which, if you've wandered the forums or played for a length of time you may have encountered before: the NW_Legit_Community. I knew about them for months but never bothered to investigate further, until I decided that I wanted to run some of the harder epic dungeons. Then I hit the problem in the regular Zone chat PUGs of not meeting their (often higher than needed) gear score requirement, previous dungeon or boss mechanic experience, and/or not having the right class they are looking for. Not so with the NW_Legit_Community. They take anyone who can handle themselves and run various dungeons everyday. One time they were even just rolling dice to determine which epic mission to attempt, one after the other. I strongly recommend signing up to their channel if this sort of thing interests you. At the very least it does open another point of contact for general questions and the like with less trolling than the global zone chat.

To open communications with them just type the following line in-game:
/channel_join NW_Legit_Community

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