Tuesday 8 October 2013

NBI - Poetry Slam

[You can blame the Newbie Blogger Initiative for this post. :P]

What should I write about?
Lady Syl asked for a poem;
Maybe about my new pet's snout?
Or reaching the lab of Goemm?
The dragon in that murky swamp
he hasn't appeared for me,
but many others I did stomp
for the sake of gold and glory.
Across distant stars and lands,
no journey is too great.
My killing spree, it just expands
even to those fiendish krait.
Most people would think me mad,
a criminal and a serial killer
but in MMORPG's it's not too bad
to be a pixel-blood spiller!
And so it goes through time and space
slain foes laying all over the place
but weep not, they are not truly gone
in a few minutes they'll just respawn
then I'll slay them all once more
and take their stuff as my own.
Most games do have a violent core
and it's more fun if you aren't alone.

Now that's what I call loot!


  1. Rhyming serial killer with pixel-blood spiller. Impressive. :)

    1. Thanks Ocho, it's a bit unfocused though - I'll try do a better one later! ^_^

  2. Sounds focused enough to me. :) Ah... the joys of mass genocide in a virtual world.

  3. lol, I loved this :) I'm still trying to come up with a poem to participate in the slam. But I can barely write ...

    1. Liar, I've seen your blog. You can more than "barely" write. ;p