Thursday 31 October 2013

NBI 2013 - Aftermath Eternal

With the dawn that ends Halloween, so ends the Newbie Blogger Initiative this year... or does it? It has the structure to continue going despite the end of its term but I guess that's more a decision for the organizers. I'm pretty glad I joined in, as it spawned a few of the blog posts I had this past month.

It also got this site a number of links, boosted those graphs and numbers I'm not meant to be looking at, learned a few things, and given me a whole bunch of new blogs to follow and comment on myself (you can see from the extensive "paths I travel" on the right. If I missed yours or you just want to be added - let me know)!

Lastly, if you are or know of a newbie blogger then I strongly suggest visiting the site, regardless if it's on-going or not. Lots of tips to be learned and easily built bridges to be made.

What the picture doesn't show is the wealth of information and community that dragon is sitting on.

Also I thought that for a change I should put down what things you might see appearing on this blog during the upcoming month. Can't make any guarantees but if it's in the game plan, there's a good chance I'll blog about it!

My to do list for November (no particular order):
  • See the Tower of Nightmares for myself in Guildwars 2. (can't log in)
  • Investigate the werewolf attack on Conarch Village in Age of Conan. (done)
  • Complete all missions on Warframe (only around 50% done).
  • Finish that second quest in the Neverwinter Online Foundry.
  • Write the first part of my guild's history, it's NanoWrimo afterall.
  • Check out Path of Exile as suggested by Doone. (done)
  • Check out Atlantica Online as suggested by SynCaine. (done)
  • Finish mapping the Aria Reservoir in Wizardry Online.


  1. *checks to-do list*
    Oh darn, I still need to check out your first Foundry quest in Neverwinter!
    *starts looking for Time*
    Where did I leave that? Why do I always loose track...

    It was great to have you as an initiate, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

    And that Foundry quest? It's still on my to-do list and I will try it out.... one day. :)