Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Masquerade of Liars

You know what's better than grind? DOUBLE GRIND!

That seems to be the thinking at NWO for their Halloween Event that runs this week. Basically it's a variation of "collect stuff that has a chance of dropping on monsters" event. Previously you collected whatever and then could trade a number of the whatevers for rewards. This time the item you get from killing monsters must first be traded in to illusionists scattered around the main city hub. The kicker is that they trade at a 1 for 1 ratio and you cannot trade with the same NPC again until you've traded with four others. This means you will be doing laps in meaningless busy work to convert your loot into useful currency. Coupled with mediocre rewards (in comparison to previous events) your best targets are cosmetic masks (cost 200) or a low level skeleton companion (cost 600).

Ironically it is more painful to do the conversion than it is to simply get the required amount, and with so many other good events on in other MMO's I don't think this one competes at all. That is quite the problem these days, MMO's forget they are not the only game in town. Add stupid time wasting crap like the above and you can expect people to abandon you for greener pastures where their time spent is better rewarded.

Speaking of grind, Wizardry Online also has a Halloween thing going on hosted by the aptly named Mr. Pumpkin (a porkul in a pumpkin hat, I guess the Mad King's influence is far reaching?). My favourite part of it, other than the npcs dressed as reapers (you can see one in the background), is this lady, Madam Candy who gives free candy to anyone wearing a pumpkin hat. Best part? Eat the candy and you die (possibly permanently in that game).

Guess that's the "trick" part of Trick or Treat!

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