Tuesday 23 July 2013

Game of Trolls?

Age of Wushu has been in the blogosphere news as of late due to a new evil faction called the "Rootless Clan" and their interesting mechanic being introduced to the game. To join them you basically need to have your virtual junk lopped off. "That's no problem," I hear you say "I just won't join them and keep my epeen where it belongs". Well there's the kicker. Members of that group get a daily quest to gang up and slice and dice non-members (of the high level variety) in a pop-up tent, and then offer them membership. In short a band of high level dickless bastards go on a rampage to make more dickless bastards to go on a rampage.

Possibly their leader.

A quick look at the game wiki also shows they already have a handy-dandy kidnapping system too for all wannabe kidnappers out there. You see when you log out of the game, your character is still in the world as an NPC doing some menial task like spruiking a shop or sweeping a street. Low levels are particularly susceptible to then being knocked out by a wiley player, stuffed in a bag, and sold on the black market for some coin. As for the victim? Well when they next log in they wake up with a bad case of "morning after" slave debuff (presumably after being made some sort of toy the whole time) which goes away after... ohh, around 6 hours of real time.

Now I can't actually say this is a fair review to the game since I've not even played it. Indeed, I've even had some of my guild suggest it is awesome and I should try it out however "features" like the above just rub me the wrong way. Who knows, maybe the next thing they add is the "rapist" faction which needs no elaboration. Guess there are fates worse than permadeath huh? :P

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