Thursday 19 January 2012

The Dumb and the Dead

Dead Island diary - spoilers ahead! You can follow the whole story here!

Now that we've established a better base camp the rest of the lucky survivors are a bit more talkative in the way they want us to do stuff for them since they're all useless. The tasks here range from the pretty strategic, like fixing a car or getting medical supplies to stupidity such as finding a necklace someone left behind. Really? You want me to risk my life to get your stupid necklace? It gets worse as we find other survivors on the outskirts too - a robber who wants to steal stuff from his zombiefied pal and a pair of high as a kite girls; one who can't seem to have enough water and the other one wants us to rescue her teddy bear.

As we go about doing these it seems that the zombies are getting more plentiful, and some what more dangerous - managing to KO my two bros at various points. Still, they are no where near as annoying as the random crashes that happens during gameplay. Not so bad if we can rejoin, but when the server crashes - it's not pretty. Let's just say rescuing mr. teddy involved a lot of deja vu. He was also guarded by a non-zombie crazy person, but a knife to the head courtesy of DL put him down instantly. Also got that car fixed, found medical supplies, revisited the drunk guy and possibly killed him with alcohol poisoning (finally) as well as helped out that robber guy who rewarded us each with a revolver. All with one bullet each. Thanks man. Nice suggestive usage for those there.

Also interesting to note, most normal zombies survive being hit by a speeding car so our old Battlefield strategy which we term "Panzer Jeep", is not so effective here. An upgraded weapon seems to do more damage. Not having been hit by a speeding car or an upgraded weapon myself I can't really claim to know which one would hurt more, and I hope I never find out! :P

Because this apparently hurts more than getting hit by a car.

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