Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Sunset Six: Pyramids of Heaven

[Part of my Sunset Six story.]

Traversing the huge map is pretty slow going in this game, albeit slightly better when running along roads where I seem to get a speed bonus. It's not long before I am advised by a player named Balthazarr on region chat of two more efficient speed boosts in the River Plains area where I started: The fast travel chariot and the Jawa Tavern which offers free, temporary speed food. It is only much later that I learn from a deep desert huntress named Nabirye that this food can be packed into jugs with stoppers for later consumption.

Sounds delicious... (blerrrgh!)

Balthazarr also speaks of magical Pyramids of Heaven deep in the desert that grant up to seven levels to anyone who simply gazes at them - cue me going on a pilgrimage! It is an incredibly long and uneventful run but totally worth it to unlock more tests faster. Like most constructs in this game these were all player built at some point as they and the other pyramid types grant global boons to everyone in game. I don't really want to think what the building requirements for -these- were.

I'm the little dot in the sand.

With that out of the way it's time to get cracking on the other initiation tasks, and fortunately both Leadership and Harmony have a similar requirement of meeting people and getting them to sign or introduce themselves formally to you (via click menu). Chariot stops are a good place rack up a lot of these as eventually everyone uses them and it's almost second nature to everyone to just do it without prompting too, which is great!

People sure are helpful!

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