Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Sunset Six: Everything needs Prep

[Part of my Sunset Six story.]

Since most of this game is about building stuff, let's move on to that. The main thing you need to know is that everything requires a lot of prep. Almost everything needs processed flax products (such as canvas and rope) which is both tedious and time consuming - and that's already with using the public workshops of the Holy Black Dragon guild at River Plains and Tedra 992, a player made flax strain that has six times the yield in half the time.

The wheels on the thing go round and round...

Mining for ore is pretty different here too as it comes in the form of a puzzle. To successfully collect ore you need to pick stones that are all the same or all different, and depending on what you are mining this will range in difficulty. Ore itself is mostly unusable so you need to compress it into metal and the rate of conversion is pretty shocking.

500 ore = 15 units of metal

Of course you cannot even use a compression oven without charcoal, which actually is the main fuel for many devices (like forges to turn your metal into something useful) and is pretty important. While there are various methods of making this (all from many units of wood) the Charcoal Oven is my most used method to date. It too is a mini game.

Needs a fair bit of concentration.

To "win" the Progress bar at the bottom needs to max out.
Higher heat makes the progress bar move faster.
Oxygen is controlled by vents. If it is empty, fire dies and you have to restart.
Wood adds heat, and danger!
Water reduces danger, and heat!
Danger is the worst. If it maxes out, everything explodes and all resources are lost.

Good times, good times. Skilled people can run more than one of these simultaneously. I tried that and found I am clearly not one of them. :P

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