Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Sunset Six: The Secret Ingredient

[Part of my Sunset Six story.]

Only through passing tests of the Body discipline can you increase your stats permanently, so it is a popular choice as one of the schools to do first. Many of the tests here require you to run around like a mad man across all of Egypt (good thing there's that speed boost food at taverns), so let's have a look at a couple -  starting with the test of the Safari in which you have to catch (and release) a number of different critters who very seldom appear randomly around the map.

These are the only ones you can "see".

  • Fennecs (of all types) are invisible and are caught in a cage array.
  • Ibises only spawn during the day, and there is only one flock of them in the entire map at a time.
  • Otters have a network of tunnels you must block before you can nab them.
  • Desert rats have a set of footprints to follow (they must be huge).
  • Gazelles have to be tired out by chasing them.
  • Bullfrogs are invisible, only spawn at night, and must be captured by sound alone.
  • Falcons you bait with rabbits (who in turn are baited by carrots), then climb trees to find their nests.

None of the above are particularly easy since they like to move around so what about mushroom hunting instead? Plants don't really move around right? WRONG. In the Test of the Darkest Night, you must find and eat seven shrooms of various types to increase your poison resistance (aka Constitution). While these can be harvested and used for cooking or paint, to qualify for the test YOU must find them and eat them while they are still on the floor so no trading or begging for them.

The secret ingredient is dirt.

The kicker is that the shrooms also spawn far and wide and most give you a very short window (30-50 minutes) to find them before they despawn again. You miss it? Have fun with your eight hour wait before trying for that one again. It's so bad that there are at least two different mushroom trackers out there to help people find it!

Constipation: it's a reward!

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