Sunday, 27 September 2015

The Last Stand

He escaped from jail? Don't worry, he'll be back.

Arnie is sheriff in quiet town on the border, made quieter by most of the folk leaving for some sporting event for the weekend. Good thing too, because a highly dangerous and well connected escaped convict happens to pick that exact moment to come through. Don't be fooled though, that part comes towards the end of the flick as the story hops between the sheriff's "day off" to the convict's "escape" - and this dude starts pretty far away. This is clever as it lets the quiet detective work of "who are all these mysterious evil looking dudes" from Arnie have contrasting loud "the bad guy escaped again" sequences.

This is my criminal detection device: It points at criminals, I pull the trigger.

There's a decent amount of action, a lot of gun fire and thankfully the bad guys aim slightly better here than in your average film. However I still found the body count too low, especially given the stupid townsfolk in that place who end up being comedy cheese fests that have absolutely zero area perception. As usual there are also a few bits that probably could have been cut out which would result in a stronger film but they are small cogs here. What I do question is the hesitation to simply use an F-16 missile on the bad guy after a particular point but oh well. Deus ex machina cars are more convenient I guess.

I give the Last Stand two out of five and wouldn't mind watching it again.

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