Wednesday, 16 September 2015

I, Frankenstein

Mindless violence: Tick.

First and foremost, this is an action flick with a lot of decent CGI creatures and more surprisingly, acting talent behind it (Bill Nighy - yay!) . It follows Franken-zombie's (Aaron Eckhart) un-life, how he was created and dealt with his creator (in the first 5 minutes of the film) and proceeds to become the immediate target of demons and by proxy, their enemies in this film: the gargoyle order. After getting past the initial "WTF is going on" start it gets into a nice, fast-paced and violent groove that is pretty enjoyable to watch. Don't expect much substance plot wise though.

Sums up the movie.

So, my problems with this flick. The "secret war" being waged that humans somehow don't notice - how the frick do people -not- notice it? Especially with all the colorful special FX and burn marks when one or the other is destroyed? Some terminologies are also stupid like "descend a demon" or "ascend a gargoyle". What? Interesting too how the whole plan of one side utterly fails simply due to said effect. >.< Despite all that it's a pretty entertaining watch which I give two and a half metal batons out of five. I also wouldn't mind seeing it again.


  1. I must agree, not the best movie I have seen, some things didn't make much sense. But I was entertained, that was the only thing I really expected from it anyways, so I got what I wanted from it really. Just some simple entertainment.

    1. Have to admit, because of this film I now expect necromancers to require electric eels to make zombies. :P