Monday, 14 September 2015

The Flight of Dragons

Science versus Magic.

One of my favorite cartoons of all time, the basic plot for this movie is that science is overtaking magic so three of the "magic brothers" decide to make the last sanctuary of magic to protect all the magical creatures and basically hide them from the world. The last brother though, Omadon (voiced by James Earl Jones) will have none of this and instead quite vocally proclaims that he will twist man's science to destroy themselves before laughing and flying off on his dragon. Of course the good guys can't let this happen, and so begins a quest to defeat the evil wizard.

Sometimes you can talk your way to victory.

While the art is very dated and is from the school of "good guys look good and bad guys look ugly", it's still pretty decent and is helped by some good voice acting. They also try to explain how dragons might exist but make no effort for things like humongous three eyed ogres or gigantic, acid secreting worms. There's also a bit of a "whaaaaa?" moment when a knight explains how he vowed to fall in love with a girl who at the time was five years of age and some borrowed "inspiration" from sleeping beauty.

I still quite like it and recommend it to those who enjoy this fantasy setting. I also quite like that they do show how one dragon can rip apart an entire party pretty easily. :P All up I give it three out of five sand murks and wouldn't mind seeing it again. Also be advised, the art of the movie is far superior than the one on the box! Failure of advertising right there.


  1. I'm so happy I came across this... also my favorite movie but I haven't thought of it for 20+ years..