Saturday 5 September 2015

Sunset Six

I've always heard good things about A Tale in the Desert, that MMO that features absolutely zero combat and "resets" the world every now and then. Since the "Sixth Telling" is drawing to a close, the game has gone truly F2P giving me the chance to try it out for myself! Obviously for some this is very old news, but it still might be interesting to those who haven't experienced ATITD for themselves.

Just as a note, Tale 7 (not F2P anymore) goes live on 11 Sep 2015. :)

Not the Best Intro
Right in the Nuts 
Pyramids of Heaven
Initiate +3
Acrobatic Mechanics
The Secret Ingredient
Strangely Specific
Everything needs Prep
Sticks and Stones
Dirty Architecture
Not all the Colors
Obscene Amounts
The Discipline of Thought
Questioning Others
Test of the Bijou
Pop Quiz
A Gearbox Lesson
Up into SPACE!
Exotic Variants
Guessing Games
Marriage Goods 
Powers of Power
Cover your Cartouche
Here's Hoping
Looking for Group
Be like Jesus
Exclusion Zone 
Monumental Victory

This story has ended! Thank you for reading!

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