Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mabinogi Classes

After writing up that mini Ultima Online course I thought I'd do the same for my current favourite MMO - Mabinogi! Note that this guide pertains mainly to the North American version of Mabi but will hopefully still be useful for everyone.

If at any time you want specifics then you should head on to the Mabinogi Wiki which is a fantastic resource to keep handy, and remember if you need more help you can always ask on either the main forums or the forums at Mabinogi World. Alternatively feel free to also leave suggestions or questions right here! :)

Without further ado, lets begin:
1. Another Soul in the Stream
2. Off to the Races
3. Gearing Up
4. Teaching an old dog new Tricks
5. Fastest way to gain AP
6. If I were a Rich Man
7. Home is where the Herbs Are
8. All-Guide Binder
9. Generation 1 Tips (Part One) - The Stoned Goddess
10. Generation 1 Tips (Part Two) - Everybody loves Dougal
11. Generation 2 Tips - Give me my Transformation
12. Generation 3 Tips - Holy Hell
13. Becoming the Dark Knight
14. Generation 7 Tips - Can I be a Mongoose?
15. Generation 8 Tips - The Unfair Dragon
16. Generation 9 Tips (Part One) - Where the Fomors Hide
17. Generation 9 Tips (Part Two) - For SCIENCE!
18. Generation 9 Tips (Part Three) - War and the Time After
19. Generation 10 Tips - A Demigod is Born
20. Generation 11 Tips (Part One) - We eat Demigods for Breakfast
21. Generation 11 Tips (Part Two) - Beginning to Hate that Castle
22. Generation 11 Tips (Part Three) - Snakes. Why did it have to be Snakes?
23. Generation 12 Tips (Part One) - Last of the Alchemists
24. Generation 12 Tips (Part Two) - Fighting in Falias 
25. Generation 13 Tips - The Slings and Arrows of outrageous Fortune
26. Generation 14 Tips - O brawling  love, o loving hate
27. Generation 15 Tips - The villainy you teach me, I will execute
28. Generation 16 Tips - Let not light see my black and deep desires
29. Generation 17 Tips - Shamala's Nightmare
30. Iria Sagas 1 and 2

More classes to be posted soon!

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