Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Home is where the Herbs Are

My seventh Mabinogi lesson! To find what other classes are available please see the binding post. :)

At around level 10 you will be awarded a homestead which is a nice isolated piece of land that you can cultivate and design into whatever you like. With the right items it can help your production rates and training and can provide an easy way to meet up with friends - just right click their name on your friend list and select go to homestead. The most important function for me however, is that you can use it to grow herbs... lots and lots of herbs.

Not that type.

It is a good idea to invest in getting 30 base (green), 30 bloody (red), 30 sunlight (yellow) and 30 mana (blue) herbs when your homestead has enough points to support them, because once you start making your own potions you will be saving, or even making, a bit of gold (if you decide to sell the finished product). You can harvest the herbs from dungeons or acquire them from other players, but once once you have a patch growing in your own backyard it becomes very easy - just harvest them till you get another 30 and you can setup another patch and so on and so forth. To help get Holy Water from Kristel's part time job, you may also want a few apple trees to save you some time finding one in the Dunbarton outskirts.

Potion making is easy. You just need a potion concoction kit and the required herbs (one green and one of a different color) to make the 50pt potions. Red is Hp, Yellow is Stam, and my favourite - Blue is Mana. If you spend some gold and get base potions from the nearest healer to go with any of those they become 100pt potions which is what I always create to save on space. If you find yourself running out of mana when making potions, simply stand next to an open mana tunnel in Iria during the day as it will fill you right back up very quickly.

Why are mana potions so valuable to me? Mana Shield. This skill can literally negate serious injuries and has kept me alive on more than one occasion since it basically stacks your mana pool on top of your HP. It can be a little tricky to learn initially, since you have to go hunt hobgoblins in their village which is only reachable by flying mount (get a ride from someone) or rafting, but I highly recommend getting it as soon as possible. Once you are in the village you can either just "finish" hobgoblins your friend has knocked down or if solo hunt archers (and shamans if you can handle them) exclusively. Avoid the warriors if you are attempting this in your first month of playing (and definitely ALL "ancient" titled fat ones) as they can take a fair bit of punishment and dish out big hitting combos. Hobgobs are not really something newbies should be going up against but just think of them as a good test for your combat skills. Fortunately if you die and are not yet at -100% exp, you can respawn right where you fell so just don't die too much ok? :P

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