Sunday, 8 July 2012

UO Class: Warrior

Tips for those who like going toe to toe with the foe - heavy metal boots are definitely a requirement!To find other classes available please visit the binding post!

Being a Tank:
Just like modern tanks you will need a LOT of armor to take the hits. A shield and parry skill also go a long way in increasing your survivability rate. Once you have it though make sure you keep it in good shape! Your AR rating decreases with each dent, slowly but surely letting in more and more damage. If your shard has it, also look into Mego Invuln potions as that can boost your AR for a number of minutes.

Magic resist is important for everyone as it can lower the damage from hostile magics and (depending on shard) increase all of your base defences passively. For someone that needs to run up right beside spell casters this is even more so as you will take 1 or 2 extra spells on your assault, a few more in the melee, and another set if you have to withdraw. It still is usually safer to lure the casters to you, using hard cover. Alternatively wait till they snooker themselves by teleporting to you! Foolish mages. Ofcourse, dragons and greater demons seem to have a penchant for doing this too!

Just Jousting:
If you are using a fast weapon (like a katana, which I recommend) you can often swing, hit an enemy and move away before they have the chance to hit you back. This is the best method for taking down single slow hitting enemies, like a bardiche wielding brigand for example. You must actively have your enemy targetted for it to work though, which means it is harder (not impossible) to pull of against an enemy group. Being mounted helps with both attack speed (less swing frames) and mobility.

Divide and Conquer:
While you are tough you are not invincible, enough of anything will eventually kill you. Even if it is a million cats. Whatever it is, they are guaranteed to kill you faster if they can swarm you and unlike an archer, you have no tactical advantage in getting swarmed by anything. Fortunately it is quite easy to avoid this. First, just keep moving. If you run far enough, the bad guys will form a nice line for you to deal with. If they start piling up, just move again. Injured enemies tend to walk slower, and dying ones tend to crawl away. Once they are all moving at different speeds it is easy to pick them off as you see fit. Alternatively find a narrow alley or doorway and stand just on the otherside. 90% of the time a bad guy will stand in the door to duel you, blocking his other 50 buddies from helping. I seriously did this to an orc army attacking Minoc once. The idiots who stayed outside got swarmed and died. I was pinned down, but it wasn't too bad since I only had to fight them one / two at a time (sometimes one would step in) and killed the bulk of their army with patience.

Mines of Titan Medic:
A strategy my brother developed from playing that old game "Mines of Titan". If you get hit while applying bandages it causes your heal to be less effective. Well if you get hit while someone else is applying a bandage, it doesn't matter. This means, you can have your archer/mage buddy behind you bandaging you and shooting or your other warrior buddy standing beside you while you bandage each other and fight off the enemies. Yes I also do not know how that is physically possible but on most shards, it is. :P

Unless you are Shiva - in which case I think you'd have enough hands. :P

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