Monday, 2 July 2012

One heck of a Detour

My journal through Stalker Soup - a mega mod for Shadows of Chernobyl! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Since I was stuck in the swamp anyway I decided to visit the Clear Sky base. Apart from a multitude of anomalies and a lone sniper in a tall tower, it was a pretty easy march even in the dead of night. The farmstead was guarded by four more Clear Sky dudes and sure enough they had a working teleporter nearby. Unfortunately everytime I used it, the game would eventually crash when exploring or opening the menu at their base so I elected not to use it. Just as well because the place soon came under attack by a group of snorks and two burers!

The jumping freaks killed two of the guys before I could put them all down, and the dwarves managed to slay a third leaving me with one exo-armored ally. Snuck up to a broken roof while he distracted them and managed to injure one with the Saiga. This one turned to attack me and exo-dude managed to shoot him dead while I did the same for the other one about to kill him. That was cool. After looting what was left (he looted heaps) I decided to sleep till morning since wandering in the pitch black was not fun at all. My nap was interrupted by an emission though (typical) so Exo dude and I waited it out in one of the houses. It was dawn when it finished and as soon as we stepped out we were attacked again by three snorks this time with 2 green swamp fleshes. Killed all hostiles and bid farewell to exo-friend who was left to guard the homestead on his own.

He was like this, only in exo armor. :P

Proceeded North East to the next Cordon exit on the map, stopping atop the sniper tower to shoot a pack of dogs who were going to be in the way. Seemed to be safer to go through the water-parts as there were less anomalies but I had to detour around a heavily radiated village. Found an unusable buggy at an abandoned factory as well as a pack of hostile zombie-cats all of whom met some bullets to the face. There was one last village to go through before the exit and this one was inhabited by more bandits, though very stupid ones. After sniping the first two lookouts I assaulted the compound and managed to flank and one-shot kill every single one of them.

Finally I was back in Cordon, though North of the tracks, so after fighting past a few fleshes and some of Colonel Vodka's reinforcements I was back where I began: at the village, scouting out the military base to the South with my binocs. It was then I decided there was going to be no sneaking. I would need to launch a head on attack, so with grenade launcher and plenty of ammo at the ready took aim at their parked tank.

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