Friday, 20 July 2012

A Quick Respite... of Madness!

Thought I'd give you a breather from all the Mabinogi classes I've been posting. Don't worry though, there is still more of that to come - and more adventures in the Shadow of Chernobyl too! Not yet for the Skyrim journal though, at least not until I get around to getting Dawnguard. :)

So what have I been up to? Well, playing Mabinogi as one may have guessed but I switch it out with other things too like watching Masterchef Australia (season 4) which is about to head into it's final week! While that's a bit sad I'll get 3 weeks more Masterchef with the All-Stars version starting up right after. Probably gonna watch some Olympics too since that's about to start up shortly, but it will have a tough ask as it needs to beat Fringe which my wife and I are currently watching. Damn it's a good series, and I highly recommend it.

Also been playing the Walking Dead game (hey I think the next season of this is going to start up soon too), which is pretty cool but as of now still unfinished. Getting killed left right and center in Arma II as well, but I haven't put too much time into that yet - no, my recent adventures have all been in a little game called "Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth". It's a little dated but is still very awesome, engaging and immersing. Almost like a single player run of the board game (which I am also a fan of). Alas it isn't quite open-world though so I won't be doing write ups for that one - it is better if you experience it for yourself! Nothing quite like being chased by a shoggoth or being driven mad by the great Cthulhu. ^_^

Got myself a newly forged "Beasts of Iron" novel from my buddy Paul C. Goosen too, and being a friend of his thought I should pimp out his work! Go have a looksie for yourself!

Anywho, been awhile since I put up random links for y'all so here's some stuff that's caught my interest recently:

Ultima Forever - because the Avatar can never die.
Deadpool vs the World?
PC Game Evolution - Brings back some memories!
Dirty Laundry (courtesy of Juris) - a cool Punisher short

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