Thursday, 5 July 2012

Ultima Online Classes

And now for something completely different! :P

I've played Ultima Online for years and even though I know the game is almost as old as the dinosaurs now, I thought that some basic tips on surviving the many facets of Britannia and/or the many other lands it has spawned could come in handy for anyone (like me) who still wanders those realms. There won't be any mind-shattering discoveries here, just basic truths that should help everyone's gameplay. Note that depending on the shard, some of these may be invalid but in general should be ok to follow.

Bare Bones Basics - Everything a newbie should know
Archery Tips - Killing them softly from afar
Warrior Tips - For those who like it up close and personal
Mage Tips - Help for reality altering sadists

If you have any thoughts, corrections or suggestions please leave a comment below! :)

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