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Generation 2 Tips - Give me my Transformation

After having gone through generation 1 you will find this a piece of cake even if all the dungeons must be run solo, and possibly will finish the whole arc in a day or two. Just some quick pointers on potentially (lightly) toublesome parts:

Barri Paladin Training
Kobold Miners are the only "new" opponents you'll face here at the end of the dungeon. They multi-aggro so just pick your targets carefully - they shouldn't take many more hits than your standard goblin.

Math Paladin Training
Multi-aggro from kobolds and kobold archers will be much the same like Ciar's goblins and nothing new for you. You will eventually be joined by four allies (about time) and can just sit in the corner while they do the rest. Your friends can actually hit you too, so if you join in the melee just be aware of that.

The Price is Right
You'll need to find Price a few times in this story arc and the next (plus he sells good ego food). He keeps switching location every 12pm in game but fortunately Mabinogi World has a tracking system you can use to catch him. It's on the right hand side of their page.

Ceo Island
To reach Aer you'll need to visit Ceo Island which is only reachable via auto-marked moongate (at night), unless you have a friend who has an alternate means of returning there. Do not stray off into the section where the golems are sleeping, because they are pretty tough and worse - if you start killing them more and more will spawn in that little area. You can come back to try this later when you are stronger. :P

Mythril Mine
Is just like Barri but you will potentially encounter your first Ogre Warrior at the boss room in which case you will likely die a few times. Despite him being a fatso he can and will outrun you. His hammer does very heavy damage so only dry defense if you have a good shield and high rank in that skill. Also his armor gives him heavy stander, which makes normal melee a precarious option. Burning magnum/range is an option if you do enough damage, but up close you'll have to rely on wm/counter or firebolt/counter. If you have a pet though, this is a good time to learn to use pet revolver. Simply summon a pet, get it to attack the ogre by shift+click (better for the pet to use "smash" if available due to the ogre's heavy stander) and as soon as it delivers the damage, recall it before the ogre can retaliate. Wait 60 seconds and repeat. Obviously if you have more pets this goes faster.

Ciar Spirit Dungeon
The main problem you'll face here is being in an unfamiliar form and perhaps lacking skills you usually use. This is not a problem as this is pretty much a lesson in defense and counter. The wolf and bear have 3 hit combos (normal attack), not sure about the hawk. Also, as the wolf anyway, you are better off ignoring your smash attack as you can do a lot more damage with your normal chain. At the boss room, the giant version of yourself can make itself invulnerable - but this can be turned off for a time by countering its attack. Don't worry too much about it though because if you just fight properly you will naturally be turning it off anyway. For a speed run, you can ignore enemies that you aren't required to kill as you should be just as fast as them and be able to escape combat range.

Barri Final
This dungeon must be getting boring for you now. Your only "new" enemies are at the boss room.

Golden Golem
Lots of HP. For the first part just let your buddy do his thing and wait in a corner as it will be invulnerable. For the second stage you will have a power boost so you can either fight it like you fought the golems at Ciar and Fiodh, or just pet revolver it. Remember that even with your boost it will still be dealing pretty good injury damage so all those potions you brought won't help mid-combat.

After Tabby is done you will be one on one with the final boss. Your enemy can and will summon skeletons in a small cluster around them when you first are detected or attack. As you know, skelies are dangerous so to avoid this just ranged attack the necromancer and let them chase you away from their guards. Once isolated you can concentrate on it, and be careful of its heavy stander and bolt magic. You should be getting used to it by now right? If you have fought a succubus before then this enemy has similar AI, just less friendly. :P

Passive Defense Powerup
Humans that gain the Paladin transformation should then pursue the Passive Defense quest that comes after beating the necromancer. You'll need to collect pages for a book from various people in Emain who will each ask different things. Note you can probably buy the three 110cm Rainbow trouts from your servers merchant channel or the house board. Once that straightforward bit is done you will be tasked to head to Coill, and if you've never been there there are a few new enemies waiting for you.

Ice/Fire/Lightning Sprite
Much like wisps these critters enjoy blasting you with bolt magic. They have defenses in everything but are more vulnerable to magic attacks and though they single aggro, a room with mixed sprites will be very dangerous. Smash or Windmill will still work well as they don't have a huge pool of HP behind their "armor".

They can also be made into a refreshing beverage.

Invisible Imp
Just like normal imps - only invisible (duh) making them harder to target. You can either hold down alt to get a lock on them or just windmill as that hits everything around you, visible or otherwise.

Nightmare humanoid
This horse demon (also known as tikbalangs in the Philippines) can change what it is immune to based on its color: Red (melee), Blue (magic), Orange (ranged), White (everything), Black (nothing). Knocking it on its butt with a firebolt will make it change color. Alternatively if you catch it in Final Hit (ideally not when it is red or white) it cannot change color, nor is it immune to alchemy skills (ever). Since there's only one of him, it should be pretty easy to beat. Pally mode will all but ensure your victory.

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