Thursday 16 May 2024

Shardlake and Scavengers Reign

Shows with mystery!


Named after the hunchback protagonist (played by Arthur Hughes) who works as a barrister/investigator in the 16th century, this four episode series has him sent to investigate a murder at a monastery which happens to also be flagged for dissolution by the crown. Thus his job is two fold: close the monastery and find the killer, and it's actually pretty quick how everything is wrapped up by the last episode. Decent acting, story and sets make this an alright watch, though Shardlake does enjoy talking to himself and seeing visions of dead people a bit too often for my liking. Recommended if you like murder mysteries of the English variety, and would probably watch a second season if they ever make it.

Scavengers Reign

This one season animated sci-fi series follows the survivors of a massive space ship, now stranded on a strange and alien planet with both wonderful and horrifying things to behold and experience. The story, artistry, action segments and just general cool ideas are all top notch here - my only complaint might be that the character art is more "simple" than what I'm used to but they are definitely fine. Highly recommended but definitely not one for kids! Again I'd watch a season two of this if ever it came to be.

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