Thursday 2 February 2023

Horrified: Custom Monsters I - Forgotten Classics

Horrified is a good game that is easily modded to fit new fan made monsters! Here's a review of three forgotten classics we went up against recently.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The biggest draw back here is that this "monster" prevents you from using the Professor hero (DL's favorite), because that's his token. I believe this was intentionally done to make the Hunchback (below) a bit tougher. Outside of that Jekyl/Hyde seemed very passive and easy to avoid. Plugging in matching numbers to work out his cure at the hospital wasn't much of an issue either.

Hunchback of Notre Dame

This "monster" is actually the good guy and makes ALL villagers evil! Yes, you can still escort them to their desired destination to get them off the board and get their reward but if they get to move they will try whack you! Clever switch of game play mechanics as you have to disarm the villagers and keep them away from the church (which they gravitate towards). Again, not very challenging though and our police detective (Rose) was having a field day as she can "move to any monster", which in this case, the villagers are. At least until his quest is complete.

Phantom of the Opera

The "scariest" monster of this set (mechanically anyway), because he IS the doom tracker and any time the tracker moves he makes it move TWICE. He stays on his own board though (the theater) and chases after the villager there. If he reaches her its game over, so you need to focus on getting her out early. To fully defeat him you'll then need to get her home, which is a little funny because when she gets out she too will want to kill the Hunchback so... you gotta get on that. :P

An interesting set to be sure, and a nice albeit calmer change of pace from the box monsters (after you deal with the Phantom anyway). If you are looking for opponents that will quicken your pulse though, these three are not it.

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