Thursday 22 September 2022

Warframe: Nova and Wisp

Two of the best warframes, which is a problem because I need more frame slots.


Easily acquired from the Raptor boss on Europa, Nova is all about anti-matter which she can throw like a slow fireball, open a worm hole teleporter with, or create little orbiting spheres that reduce ranged damage and actively attack enemies if up close. Her last ability "Molecular Prime" is the best though, as you make enemies brittle and slow OR fast depending on your build. She's also a bit brittle herself if her orbiting spheres aren't active or are being used to attack so there's a little bit of caution required.

Just for testing I took her into one of my problematic Steel Path interception missions where I ended up needing a second player, and with "slow"va I almost pulled out the win. I then took her to an archon hunt interception where she trounced the opposition. Definitely a powerful crowd controller who excels at weakening the enemy but does require a few ability mods to get her working out of the box.


Unlike Nova, Wisp is very functional out of the box but is a pain to get the parts for (except for feet because she doesn't have any) as they come from the Ropalolyst boss on Jupiter which can be a lengthy fight. On top of that, you need 1200 Hexenon as well so expect to be on Jupiter a long while. Your reward is that Wisp is amazing. As long as Wisp is airborne or bullet jumping, she is invisible which kind of makes her ability to summon a duplicate to draw fire a little redundant, though you can teleport to that duplicate.

She also can put three types of motes than any allied Tenno can pick up, which either heal them, make them faster (dps boost), or shock nearby enemies. No need to be fussy, put one of each as that's how many can be carried! Lastly she can open some powerful breaches: one that blinds enemies for crowd control and one that "opens a door to the sun", letting her fire a damaging beam with infinite punch through. Ultimately super useful in almost every situation and her motes just make her exponentially more so per player in her squad.

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