Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Overlord 2

Because one was definitely not enough!

While this game plays much like the original with a story that's just as good, you as a new overlord have access to a few new features such as mounts, ships and siege weapons for and powered by your colorful minions. You need them too as your main enemies - an Empire who seem inspired by Rome make for decent adversaries.

New locales for your minions to trash!

The individual soldiers are no match for you but when assembled in formation even your horde of minions will suffer heavy losses if you don't proceed tactically. And that's what most of this game is, tactical puzzles with a very funny twist. There were some parts that did stump me for awhile (especially some boss fights) but usually a little looking around is all it takes to find the answer.

I also like that in your minion pool you can now bring back your favorite deceased minions, which is important as they do level up and become more effective on the field. It's left up to you if that one level 10 brown is worth 20 other browns as there is still a life force cost to everything. The only negative I have is a small one - in the previous game you could actually be "good". This is not the case here as it becomes a choice between destruction and domination (slavery).

Despite that I still highly recommend this game. It's not essential to have played the first, but you'll probably find it easier if you do. I give Overlord 2 four and a half mistresses out of five. Because you definitely can't have enough of those! :P

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