Friday, 4 May 2018

Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle

Stupidly missing the mark.

Continuing on from his first adventure, Eggsy and the Kingsmen must team up with their American cousins to counter a new global threat. There are a number of good action sequences here, a few surprises and decent music to boot.

Alas it falls apart somewhat as Juliane Moore's villain is much less effective than her predecessor, there are more than a few useless scenes that advance absolutely nothing (why is Elton John even in this movie?), and the main plot which the protagonists are trying to stop would actually be more beneficial to the entire world if they just did nothing.

Sup, we're just chilling.

That last point would have been easily fixed too had the villain been a mega pharmaceutical company (poisoned meds) instead of a drug cartel (poisoned recreational drugs). Not one I'd watch again and definitely falls short of the original. I give it 2 meat grinders out of 5.

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