Friday 23 March 2018

Neverwinter Online: The Lost City of Omu

Apparently less dinos = more fun.

The Omu ruins is a pretty good Chult map after Soshenstar, especially since there are far less dinosaurs waiting to pounce on you from annoying aggro ranges. Their replacements, the normal aggro range gorillas, aren't so bad provided you know how to side step.

King Kong makes a cameo.

Also great is the Undercity with its short cuts and shrines. It's a fun though claustrophobic place to explore and each entrance comes with a campfire. This makes channel hopping (which brings you to the last campfire you visited) a most viable "recall" travel method. You'd probably do it anyway just to chase the hourly Tyrant HE around.

I've now finished the middle tree of the campaign progression which means I have access to all the weeklies - most of which are easily completable. The Fane isn't that tough (definitely not as bad as Ras Nsi's first encounter), but it is moderately lengthy.

A new, old friend shows up unexpectedly too.

Anyway, I've a bit more to go with boons and hunts to unlock. The hunt drops here seem quite scarce, but I haven't been actively pursuing them enough to compare with the previous area. I'll let you know how that goes


  1. After unlocking the top of the middle tree today... how can you say that the Fane is less bad than Ras Nsi?! So many stuns and fears... plus all that random teleporting that goes so fast it makes you wonder whether the encounter just bugged out. Ras Nsi just takes a while but is fairly boring overall. Fethaza is a nightmare...

    1. Hehe, well two things: the first encounter with Ras Nsi (which is what I was referring to here) is much, much harder than the weekly Ras Nsi afterwards (actually it's not even Ras Nsi in the weeklies - it's the an elder speaker or something).

      Secondly it might just be my classes (TR/HR) but all the stuns, and fears drains are easy for me to dodge, as is keeping up with her teleporting (because teleport/knives or pew pew).

      She is still annoying though, and I'd prefer to skip her if I don't need the tokens but I feel she is less of an HP sponge than the speaker.