Friday 2 March 2018

Spore: Farewell Murglbrg

[Part of the Direbug Saga]

Increased space pirate raids lead Buglybugs away from the colonizing task and onto defense. The Spikelors help by upgrading the ship armor and auto cannons, the same tech they use to wipe out the Murglbrg. :(

Murglbrg: Extinct!

Having lost an ally (to another ally, damnit), Buglybugs works on getting more - easily convincing the Yoburt, and beginning to run missions for two new races: the Tuunk (space chickens) and the Bingfish empire (battletoads).

The Bingfish in particular are grateful for aid against a Grox raiding fleet and give the mega proton missile tech to the Direbugs, which is great since the normal missiles were somewhat weak.

The legendary Buglybugs is then tasked with Mother Paylise to find where the Grox come from, suggesting they originate near the center of the galaxy. This would have to wait though as the Flixxel zealots launched an attack on the Ramrourna outpost, conquering it.

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