Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Battlefield 4: China Rising (Single Player Experience)

Been awhile since I've played a Battlefield franchise and boy has it come a long way since its first iteration of Battlefield 1942. The graphics are sharp, controls very easy, and the single player storyline compelling enough to get invested in the characters. A negative for me was again the difficulty, because the hardest mode is actually easier than the Rambo Video Game, mainly since your squad is on god mode. That's not much of a fault though because as the main content of the game is the multiplayer side, it serves as a good seven mission tutorial on the various weapons, vehicles and other systems present in game. It also sets out the background as to why there's another war on. Might be a shallow reason but hey, it's there.

A surprisingly accurate load out depiction for  a change.

Despite the game complaining that it hates my video card, it never once crashed on me in single player. Indeed the only thing I find puzzling about the whole thing was actually trying to play the game. Not only do you have to log into Origin, but you then are taken to a website where you then decide if you are going single player or multiplayer and it is from there that the game starts up. That's a big step backwards for me. Instead of a title screen or cool intro, you first see a web page. That is shit. Did it become too hard for them to put that in game?

Lastly while the video card thing was passable through single player it is nightmarish for me in multiplayer, as it creates another layer of lag for me to go through making the game pretty much unplayable (if I wanted to actually be competitive). Since that is mostly my issue though I'm leaving out the multiplayer part from my score of three bullets out of five. Since I got it gifted it's not too bad, but if you spent money on it you would want the multiplayer mode working as you will blast through the solo missions in two or so nights of gaming.

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