Monday, 7 July 2014

Rambo the Video Game

Based on the first three Rambo movies, the player gets to step into the shoes of the tortured and violent soul of John Rambo in this "On The Rails" shooter as you relive all the exciting and violent parts in the story (some variation, mostly leaning towards MORE violence). Basically you only need to do four things: Reload your weapon with the proper timing, remember to use cover, pass the many quick time events correctly, and put bullets into the heads of your enemies.

Stabbing works just as well.

It's a very brief game, and even on the hardest Green Beret difficulty you'll probably find yourself at the (truly challenging) final fight without having unlocked much of the skills or weapons you can get from replaying previous missions a particular way. Not sure why you would want to though. While it's semi-cool that the voice lines were ripped directly from the movies, the graphics leave a bit to be desired and you might suspect that the enemies in the first few missions have access to a cloning device as they all look the same.

As a fun diversion it works well enough, and it certainly has increased my interest in borrowing the movies again but it is a ride that doesn't really warrant a second playthrough. Despite the simplistic nature it also managed to crash three times on me which leaves it a pretty low score of two bullets out of five.

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