Thursday 4 April 2013

Watching the Wall of Death

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Been a very monotonous set of weeks since our last report. I'm taking a break from immolating these pesky venom beetles at the Aria Reservoir right now but I don't seem to be gaining any ground. The same is true for Mr. Caanon and Quark who advanced into the deepest parts of the Temple of Oblivion and are seemingly blocked by one final barrier before being able to retrieve the soul gem itself. Guarding it however are powerful spirits and the embodiment of death itself, better known here as "the Watchman". Overpowered by this horrible foe they've been training up again with the cursed coins deeper in Aria. Thanam has also taken up a more direct combat approach and is training with them having multi-classed to a fighter role as well while still keeping some of his thief skills making him a bit more versatile than old white hair. ;P

Lastly I came across this amusing graph made by the other veteran members at the adventurer's guild, and so far it seems accurate.

Wish I had better news (or simply more news) but for now all we can do is carry on and train up until we can defeat that Watchman waiting in Oblivion.


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