Sunday 21 April 2013

House Wars II

I just had a somewhat expensive weekend having to do upgrades on the house, with more maintenance bills to follow. Our main water heater exploded (literally) so that needed replacing since cold showers in autumn are generally not a good idea. Replacing all the old taps on top of that is a hefty drain on the wallet but  hopefully one I won't need to do again any time soon. Also after defeating the germanic bug tribe that was our problem last year, nature is now sending its second army in the form of plant life. Creeping vines, spidery weeds and heavy branches used as highways by the local possums all encroach into my territory and in some cases are beginning to dislodge the stone and woodwork. Taken to hacking the damned things back, but I'm beginning to suspect poison is again going to be the best answer - at least for the weeds. Gotta say it's pretty good exercise though. :P

Also just for fun some random blog stats as of this posting:
- 245 posts (wow they really pile up)
- 10101 page views so far.
- Top 5 countries where visitors view the site from are Australia, USA, UK, Russia, & Canada.
- 6 comments (half from me, no surprise there)

What is intriguing though is that the most searched keywords that lead here are:
"Skyrim Hamburger" and "pile of ash"

Not sure how that works, but I found it pretty funny. :)

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