Monday, 15 April 2013

Boston Bombing

Sad news this day with the bombing of the Boston Marathon. Slightly intrigued that they setup the bombs at the finish line though as I'd imaging you would have hit more people just before the start while they are milling about, though maybe that was intentional to hit "less" people - or maybe the location at the finish was just more accessible. I guess since most people were keeping their eye on the North Korean missile threat they didn't see this one coming. Will be interesting to see if Obama links it to North Korea regardless (get some NK patsy to take the blame), prompting a swift and decisive military action into that country. Not like they've done that before right?

Also wondered why anyone would willingly "take responsibility" of such an act since it would generally be painting a big target on your face and affiliations. Maybe they want to be heard. Maybe they want a challenge. Most likely they're just crazy. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Jin-e fits that description of crazy.
In much quieter news seems America was doing some bombing of it's own today too. They just kinda missed.

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