Sunday 11 December 2011

Skyrim now has Skyrim

Big thanks to my big brother and sister in law for getting me the latest Elder Scrolls game that happens to have my name on it! :P Still in the download stage of this early Christmas present and potential Mabinogi killer (for a few months anyway). I'll need to get some time scheduling organized so I can continue work on DRM:EOTE (altered from FOTE) which I've begun drawing. It's gonna take awhile, even if I dedicated all my time to it, and with Christmas coming up that will be unlikely.

Put up two more links on the top right too, one for my other brother who is leading up his student team in making their final project: Omega Guardian, and a commercial I made for an event in Mabi awhile back. Figured I put in the effort so why not show it (and my poor russian accent) off? ;)

Also had a random encounter jogging through the fire trail today as I encountered three monitor lizards (that I could see, lots of brush noises that could have been more). Big thingies (length wise), kinda cute too. Didn't want to get too close to those tree climbing claws though.

Project Status:
Christmas Shopping - 70% (most need wrapping yet)
Mom's magic book - 5%
DRM:EoTE - 5.5%
DRM:O - 2% (onto ye backburner)
COTE (book) - 0%

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