Sunday 18 December 2011

7000 steps? It was over 9000!

Adventures in Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the whole story here!

Met two Redguards who asked for help hunting a fugitive in Whiterun today. After locating her I was still unsure whose side I would help as everyone involved was being vague. Decided to find those Redguards again and ask for more information but was side tracked by a bandit cave. My new housecarl Lydia proved her sword prowess as we cleared them out easily. To our surprise we encountered a small Redguard group hiding out at the very back and their leader knowing instantly he was in deep poo when I walked in called for a truce. Apparently the fugitive is a traitor and reading between the lines, cost more than a few lives. I've had experiences with traitorous scum before, and when we got back to the city I was more than happy to help them arrest that manipulative bitch.

At this point I found I was carrying too much stuff that people didn't have gold to buy, and that I didn't particularly want to just discard so I bought a cozy little house in Whiterun for around 8000 gold for storage. Given my healthy distrust of the Whiterun guards (not to mention a bunch of werewolves living there) I left Lydia to keep an eye on things while I hired Jenassa the bandit turned adventurer to accompany me to see the old dudes who summoned me to the top of a mountain. Her talents were tested right away when we came across another dragon attacking one of the outlying farms, and she proved her worth when she landed the killing strike.

The journey was long though, and one bandit camp (whose leader was smashed away by a giant) and a troll later we reached the entrance to a tomb where a cowardly warrior named Golldir asked for assistance dealing with a necromancer who was doing all sorts of things with his dead relatives. We accepted ofcourse and the undead had no chance between the three of us, however the necromancer managed to slay Jenassa in the final chamber firing an ice bolt through her chest, and with Golldir staying to fix up the mess I caused I was left to continue the pilgrimage up to High Hrothgar on my own.

The hike up the mountain was ardous, and one knife duel with a bandit on a log later I reached Ivarstead in pouring and oppresive rain. This was the "start" of the 7000 step pilgrimage up the mountain, but there were people in town needing aid so after sorting out their problems I continued the hike up, encountering a hilarous suicidal wolf before finally reaching the monastery near the snowy peak. Once inside, the old dudes began my training which, while really cool, only lasted around 10 minutes and pretty much consisted of yelling. Ironic that most of them have a vow of silence.

I asked what the best shout for a dragon was.

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