Friday, 1 April 2016

Thea: The Vision of Horos

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

After recovering at the village and successfully defending it against a giant spider attack, Cooper Mantly reassembles his team - now composed of Curian, Missy Sparks, Pineconette (the pine cone demon), and Vayshen Panda. Vayshen claims he had a vision of Horos, the Lord of Night and Master of the Moon, guide him to some ruins in a dream. They retrace the steps in real, with a slight detour to assassinate a camp of abominations, before finding themselves at a Grand University.

Pretty beefy for a goblin.

The undead intellectuals within admit to destroying the Cosmic tree with aid of magic from the Dark One, and tell of how Horos was weakened enough to be tricked by the Leech Lord. In exchange for this information they ask to be freed from their cursed prison, a request that is denied. Criminals are criminals forever and must be punished as such.

Back at the village, something has happened with the wells and everyone is poisoned! I can only assume it's those nasty orcs from before. There are only two options available: try track down a water spirit who might cure them or find herbs which probably will save a few, but not all of the townsfolk. "We all make it or none of us do!" exclaimed Talarian, as he chose the former.

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