Saturday, 2 April 2016

Thea: Divine Quest

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

Cooper Team didn't have to make much of a detour to find the Water Spirit, but the Syrin wasn't just going to help outright. First she wanted them to steal a hair from her nearby sister without getting spotted. A task that proved pretty easy since Horos' blessings are those of stealth. True to her word, the Syrin cures all the people of Hermit's Lake of their poison and as a bonus, removes Cooper Mantly's curse.Yeah, it lasted awhile!

So wet...?

At this time, a female warrior named Spiral Star joins the village - leading me to suspect that she is actually the Syrin in disguise. Meanwhile Cooper Team proceeds to the ivory tower they learned about from the Grand University. There they are confronted by an avatar of Horos himself. Instead of fighting, they fall to their knees in worship and the avatar blesses them and gives them the divine quest of slaying the Leech Lord who just so happens to be wandering nearby.

Before they reach him though, they come across a pack of wolves attacking a child and a cat. After saving both, the black cat turns out to be a Dola demon which grants another blessing on the group. They then march on to face the Leech Lord.

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