Sunday, 24 April 2016

Thea: Thurazz's Hammer

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

The Catching Fire squad assault the orc camp successfully, finding the orc witch leader and I imagine doing nasty things to her in revenge for taking down their own witch, Natalie Patalie, back at the Memorial Ground just a few days before. This act must really piss off the orcs as they go into a full offensive, slamming the Catching Fire team from every direction. Elfi, David DM and Gnome Spy are slain in the skirmishes. Xinrae also falls prey to random Striga who pounce on the weakened group.

It goes much worse for the Memorial Ground where the orc Thurazz has assembled his orc horde and absolutely slams the village: slaying Thorgrim, Tacktix TLC, Rhino, Bec Jinx, Tyranno Dorkus, Elio and Tough Bat in the initial assault. Badly wounded, Ancient Gamer and Chief Talarian Design somehow fight them off.


Ancient Gamer dies of his wounds the next night, leaving only the badly wounded Chief Talarian in the village. Seeing the smoke in the distance, the Catching Fire team abandons the heavy loot to be able to make the sprint back to town reaching it just in time as another two waves of dragon spiders. Sister Kia, Kamalia, Couch Potato and Chief Talarian are shredded to pieces by the first group. The second group takes War Tome and Fiona Nerd screaming out into the wilderness to feed their young.

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