Monday, 18 April 2016

Thea: Short Lived

[Part of the Darklands of Arkania Story.]

Some time passes in peace, letting the warriors Liopleureodon, Tyler Edwards, Angie Kawaii, Coriel and Xinrae grow up into fully fledged members of the Memorial Site. With a growing uneasiness at leaving the wilds beyond the walls unchecked, Ardwulf convinces Chief Talarian to let an expedition go out to explore a rumored tower with supplies that might benefit the town. Also, the new blood needs to gain experience if they are to truly be useful later on. Talarian eventually accepts and Team Ardwulf is formed.

With him are Natalie Patalie, Ancient Gamer, Tyler Edwards, Liopleureodon, Coriel and Angie Kawaii. Their first encounter is with Hohlick who wants to play hide and seek, which they do but this time they are rewarded only by Hohlick lightly poisoning Coriel and Ardwulf! A subsequent attack from crazed bee swarms puts an early end to Angie Kawaii's career as she is stung to death.

When they get to the tower they find it is in the middle of being ransacked, so they fight off the looters and rescue the resident sage, Couch Potato, who lets them take what the looters did not. Couch Potato also gives them the location of the werewolf lair so the team attacks it, finding elves to be the masterminds behind the monsters. In the ensuing combat, Tyler Edwards and Ardwulf are killed, as are the evil elves and their pets. The survivors return to town with a large stash of supplies.

Werewolves with Bear friends, naturally.

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