Monday 19 August 2019

What We Do In the Shadows (Movie)

Even you will love Stu.

The supernatural live among us and in this mockumentary film a crew documents the lives of a quartet of vampires living in a flat in New Zealand. While they are dangerous, they are also funny, silly and very entertaining.

Just your average vampires.

The effects, acting and comedy (which is impressively mostly improvisation) are all above average and despite the theme and the more than occasional gore, it is a very light hearted movie. I highly recommend it for anyone that needs a laugh. Isn't that everyone? I give it 4 Stu's out of 5 and would definitely watch it again.

Also, if you enjoy this there is a spin off series with the same name that is equally good and follows a different but equally silly group of vampires based in America. I'm currently waiting for Season 2 of that one. :)

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