Friday 27 April 2018

Old TV Reviews: The Vampire Diaries

A continuation of my old TV show reviews.

An 8 season story of two vampire brothers and the girl they like, this show has the most number of character "deaths" followed by "resurrections" or "reappearances" that I've ever seen. It's hilarious. The lore set for the supernatural creatures and is also decent though it took me awhile to get used to some of the lower budget effects, such as speed running (which they conveniently forget to do sometimes).

The plot is entertaining enough with a good amount of violence and most of the characters are likeable (Caroline played by Candice King being our favorite). Alas the main female lead does create quite a lot of viewer fatigue and is kindly put in the background for later seasons. There are some good moments here, and these are usually punctuated by some really good songs.

Turns out she's also a singer!

The series also finishes quite well, which is a decent reward for getting through the almost nightmarish middle seasons. Definitely not a show for everyone, it might interest the vampire aficionados among you. As a bonus, if you make it through season 4, then you also get the proper start of the much better spin-off, The Originals.

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