Friday, 7 July 2017

Neverwinter: Sahha

I missed out on (or skipped) the Summer Festival last year, but now it's back along with the Sahha mini-game which translates into an odd 5 vs 5 game of soccer/volleyball. After the non-event which was Lliira's Celebration, due to having no updated rewards and a really poor interaction method anyway, this is quite a step up - though not as good as the Protector's Jubilee or annual Siege of Neverwinter.

I hope the devs find a way to put this permanently in.

The rewards aren't great though for a ten minute match, and it is prone to afk-ers but it still is quite fun. In our alliance there is a guild vs guild sahha contest going on which sounds really fun going so far as to have dedicated goalies and such. The other summer events are still around too - flax griefing collecting, troll killing, pig and chicken herding as well as a water fight which I've not yet tried.

Doubt I will too since when I'm in that zone, I'm just focused on sahha. :P

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