Sunday 1 January 2017

Dark Souls II: The Crown Collector

Tales from Dark Souls - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

After proving myself to be the "true" Havel cosplayer, I decided to revisit the locked door beneath the Iron Keep finding that I could open it this time and soon found myself standing upon a set of towers covered in ash. This place was home to comparatively weaker ash undead empowered by ash statues, ghost archers, lightning rogues, as well as cowardly bomb carrying goblins who were the foil to the very dangerous giant headless warriors that lurked around.

Odd that explosive ogres worship a flaming torch...

One tower also had flammable half ogres who worshipped a flaming stick, which obviously I needed to steal to "power up" the main tower. Lol. The invader Quicksword Rachel tried prevent this theft but she couldn't live up to her name. Eventually I reach the bottom of the place, finding an ash covered dome protected by four ash statues. After destroying them and activating the nearby bonfire, I stepped through the fog gate and was confronted by the fume knight (possibly named because he's high on fumes) who promptly kicked my butt.

Dude's not good at handling multiple opponents.

The second attempt was much better since brought the ever persistent Ellie and the Sunbro's Zou and Kikimimi. The fume meister killed Zou, but didn't have enough gas to endure the rest of us, leading to his demise. Behind him was a roasted corpse and another king's crown. Awesome. Thank you Zou and Kikimimi! Feeling that I was on a roll, I returned to Vendrick for a rematch ... and got totally p0wned. Damn this guy hits hard.

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