Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Skyrim: Thalmor Agent Yyon

Adventures in Skyrim - spoilers ahead! You can follow the rest of the story here!

Did I mention Brhuce rides a train?
Because he does.

Finally I collect the Tankard of Why, get out of that place and hand it over to Sofia. Brhuce still doesn't want to go back to his dad though, intent on continuing his adventures. We don't get to argue much though as a panicked villager informs us of an attack on Riverwood. Heading there we find the guards being slaughtered by Thalmor Agent Yyon and his cronies! This guy is far worse than Zavakin, having the ability to summon a shade of one of the named dragons I had already slain. Fortunately we have reinforcements in the form of Bo, Twilight and Aurora, as well as Brhuce's summons: the steam shooting "Trainmen". 

As I said, Brhuce also shoots trains.

Yyon's henchies don't last long but he himself is adept at healing just at the verge of death, so this ranged battle (thanks to Brhuce's continued knock back attacks) takes really long. Alas, Brhuce's own combo of shooting knock back trains followed up by instant teleportation beside his target to attack with his swords proves to be his undoing when he attempts it on an airborne dragon - and misses. With a loud scream and a sickening crunching splat, the law of gravity proved to be his undoing.

Meanwhile, Yyon was setting everything on fire.

Yyon turned out to be quite the pyromaniac, but with so many targets for him to keep track of he left his back open for my +900 x6 sneak attack damage backstab which was far too much for him to heal from. With him finally dead, my old allies informed me that the Thalmor had sent an even bigger threat to Skyrim which is why Bo had returned from Elswyr and the sisters from their campaign in Summerset Isle. They had sent a Dragonlord!?

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