Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Seems official that my poor old compy is edging closer to death which is sad, but given that many of the new games these days require better than XP anyway it may just be a sign for me to upgrade. As in, a proper upgrade and not just Juris and I whacking in new bits into the box haphazardly. As an aside, Juris also introduced me to the Spoony Experiment, a review site which I found to be hilarious and entertaining. Among the vast list of stuff there is a Retrospective on Ultima with a video for each game! Thought it may be of interest to any UO players still lurking about to see the history of Sosaria. :)

In sadder random online news a webcomic I've been following called Rustyandco about a Rust Monster, Gelatinous Cube and Mimic, seems to have 404ed into non-existence probably because the Wizards of the Coast sent a band of adventurer (lawyers) to slay them. It's a shame since I thought it was really good. I guess it will serve as a reminder to me to be careful when I eventually get around to making my own comic. Or rather my next one.

Anyway, since my "focused" game is currently unplayable I've been turning my attention to more creative works at the moment, at least until I install some bridging game or something should the compy last that long. Also should look at getting my fitness back up - it's been awhile since I stopped capoeria now and it is showing. Looking a little chubby is one thing, but it's the feeling -slow- that gets me. 

Speaking of fitness though, here's a person that impresses the hell out of me. Her stage name is Stacey Minx and other than being cute, she's a medal holder in poledancing and a fitness trainer. I guess what really gets me is that I still remember her as a little kid, being impressed by my speedy rubik's cube solving skills. Part of me wishes I was that fit. Unfortunately the rest of me likes eating sinfully rich chocolate cake. :P

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