Monday, 6 August 2012

Generation 12 Tips (Part One) - Last of the Alchemists

Welcome to my quick tips for G12! This guide assumes you've read my previous classes and have certainly fought through the nightmare of the previous story arc. In comparison, this one isn't so bad but can still be tough in a few spots. Let's just quickly run through the combat bits:

Investigate the Homunculus Experiment (solo)
Nothing new for you here - you've been in tougher spots. It's a city mission too, which means you can call for dragon support or make use of the space for ranged attacks.

Don't worry, it's not these guys.

Alchemy Society (fastest solo)
Another outdoors mission with plenty of room to move. Other than the old shadow army guys you'll also find some arat boars (pig ai) and arat deers (shadow shire ai) that aggro pretty quick when you are close. The deer is more dangerous than the piggy but seriously if you are getting killed by Bambi then you should go back to combat practice with Ranald.

Secret Lair (solo)
A revisit to Peaca that is only scary if you are on Hard mode (over 1000 total level). The monsters spawn alone or in pairs and are pathetic shadows of their true selves. On Hard - they ARE their true selves so prep accordingly! :P

Jarlath the Hutt (solo)
Your main objective is to reach the top left castle room on the map. Bring an l-rod to detect the ice mines in your way though. Also there are 3-4 patrolling blinkers all of whom can be avoided by going through the central dining room.

Three Times into the Underground Waterway (solo w/ Leymore, then solo twice)
Again nothing too terrible here and no spiders to eviscerate your friend. Take down those baddies quick regardless though. On your return visit you want to prioritise the alchemists as they can keep summoning golems. God mode and/or Trans as needed. Your third run (Path of the Gods) through the same damned thing will be boring as there are even less monsters spawning, which kinda makes sense since you keep clearing the place out.

Goddess of Light (solo)
You'll meet new bastards here called Daols - like you they are demi-gods. They multi-aggro far and fast, have instinctive reaction (don't open with smash), can see hidden, have high HPs and can use spear of light at will. Even if you think you can take them you won't have the time to (15 mins) so as soon as it begins run to Navin (Neamhain) - you may need to use pets to distract or to move faster.

Coat of Arms (fastest solo)
City mission where you need to collect 6 pieces from 6 separate spawns. Shouldn't be problematic for you now since once again you have space and dragon support on top of everything else. Afterwards you get to run Temple Knights Rundal again, this time with Jenna (who is near immortal) which should make for a relaxing dungeon.

All Out Attack (solo)
The last stand of the alchemists, you'll have so many NPC allies here. If 5 unnamed or 1 named friendly dies you fail, fortunately the enemies are just alchemists (and optional spiders) so it shouldn't be that bad especially if none of them are targetting you! :P Just back-smash them all or final hit or god mode - don't use the dragon though as you'll undoubtedly hit and kill friendlies.

Spoiler! He's not the last of the alchemists either! :P

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