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Generation 11 Tips (Part 2) - Beginning to Hate that Castle

The previous section sets the tone of what is to come (in a word: frustration), but nothing worth doing is ever easy so just grit your teeth and plow through these at your own pace - remember you can take breaks from this nightmarishly difficult story-arc by doing other things like normal dungeons, life skills, trading, tending to your homestead or just chatting with friends in town. :P

Song of Partholon (solo)
Woo a return to Ciar! Aren't those goddess statues grand? While it will scale to your level there is nothing you haven't fought variants of here before. Expect everything to multi-aggro, and windmill will serve you well. Don't forget, you have TWO transformation types to help you out by now if you really get into trouble.

The Three Stooges (solo with 2 NPCs, can bring royal alchemist on second run)

Remember how you kept those 2 twits alive a few missions back? Well you'll need to do that again, fighting pretty much the same baddies, through two MUCH longer castle missions so be sure to prep lots of gear. Fortunately they are both not timed, meaning you should bring bandages and heal them when you get the chance. Second time through offers a mini orb puzzle in the central castle room. Hit the orbs without dual wielding in the following order to avoid fighting extra bastards, or if you really want the EXP - just whack away. :P

Hit them in that order to sail through.

Seven Pages (solo, or with Royal alchy)
What is it with people leaving pages in the shadow castle? Well this time you can only find the pages inside a leprechaun's pants so you need to fight tooth and nail to get into them. Yah, Mabi is funny like that sometimes. :P You can only get 3 pages from the little man's pants (if you don't kill him) and one from the end chest which means you need to do this mission twice at the minimum. Due to repeated pages expect more like 3 times. Only "new" enemy are ghosts of partholon which are the weakest "ghosts" in the game. The behave exactly like the temple knights you caned in the previous story arc so they shouldn't be a problem.

Glimpse of Peaca (better bring a team)
Peaca is a really bad place, and even though it is "toned down" to have only one or two monsters per room you will need to be on your game to survive, especially if this is your first time coming in here. Fortunately there's a statue to revive and again, no time limit to complete so recovery in possible. The usual denizens in here are:

Ranged attacks are innefective and they have minor heavy stander. You can smash mill the bastards but they can windmill you back too so look out. "Ice Tennis" is recommended, that is one person fires an ice or lightning bolt to stun the enemy, while a second smashes it's face. Roles are then reversed and it continues until the enemy is dead.

Wights (Whites lol - they sound like laundry)
Immune to melee. Use ranged or magic to take them down. Like ghouls they can also windmill but these baddies also come with advanced magic and chain casting to back it up. If you are a melee only person, defend your archer by standing in front of them ready to windmill the threat away to buy them time for another shot.

Immune to magic and loves to cast death-dealing thunder. You can archer the thing to death or team smash as it has no windmill or counter, only defense.

Immune to magic and highly resistant to anything else, they can also cast advanced magic (based on their color), teleport and windmill with high damage output. They will most likely kill you a few times, so don't be shy to trans/demi against them. Pin them to a corner and group-mill them to death or arrow revolver archer with windmill defeners like a wight. If you manage to pin it down with Pummel then your friends can get in free smashes.

Hollow knight
Stronger versions of the ghost armors you've fought in G1. High defense against melee, and team smashers should be careful of its windmill. Weak to magic, but it will take long to defeat with so many HPs. Magnum will work, but usually this begins an archery duel as the Hollow Knights also know magnum and worse, arrow revolver.

Lucas the Rapist
The boss of this version of Peaca, he behaves like a bear. If you've fought past everything else he should be easy enough to defeat. Unfortunately you can't kill the prick. In case you were glossing over the story, not talking to NPCs, or just unable to read between the lines, he basically raped Belita and attempted to drug-rape Dilys too. Scum like him deserve a painful death but in Mabi, a minor beating is all you can dish out.

Ancient Alchemy (solo)
Given that you've fought worse by now, the low number of spawns here shouldn't cause you any problems.

Everyone is in Danger, not just Jenna (solo with one NPC)
No combat required in this mission, just to be quick. Go in prepped with a cylinder and a shock crystal. You'll need to use shock on yourself then sprint to the Brionac (spear thing) and touch it to end the mission, before Navin kills you or your buddy. Steer clear of her when she's doing fury of light too.

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