Friday 1 June 2012

Rostok Rumba

My journal through Stalker Soup - a mega mod for Shadows of Chernobyl! You can follow the rest of the story here!

The entry of Rostok was a strangely quiet and anomally filled courtyard. Good thing I trusted my instincts and pulled up my binocs to spot a squad of mercs waiting to ambush me. Took some cover behind some concrete blocks and put all of them down and FINALLY managed to get a decent scope from their weapons. It was going to come in handy too, because the city was a warzone. Mercs led by some dude called Wolfhound were here in force, even shooting down a passing army chopper in the process. They were after a science group in the area, and it wasn't long before it was up to me to rescue them.

Decided to stay on the rooftops as much as I could to avoid the anomalies below, also taking the opportunity to snipe down as many mercs as I could. Eventually I had to get down to the train tracks and decided to check the downed chopper. Had a close encounter against Wolfhound himself but my shotgun was faster than his. Found what was left of the science team, one guy named Kruglov who asked me to escort him down to the Yantar valley. Ofcourse I agreed, getting him through a few more merc ambushes, a dozen anomalies and right at the end along with a few zombified stalkers. The valley itself is mostly inhabited by zombified guys and snorks, neither of which are very dangerous if they don't catch you by surprise.

They're more like radioactive jumping idiots.

There are tons of dangerous, moving anomalies though - and the building zone where all the zombies were coming from just seems to kill me by simply standing in it, so it was definitely a no go zone. At least the mobile science lab was well stocked with useful gear which I paid big bucks for: military grade binocs, an anomaly detector, a mine detector, various pills and medicines and because I got Kruglov there in one piece - a brand new bio-hazard suit - useful for radioactive areas. Unfortunately they did not sell bullets of any kind, depite having some high caliber weaponry on sale. With nowhere else to go and ammo running low I began the long trek back through Rostok.

The snorks and radioactive skull-rats had moved in, as had two more merc units with one exo-armored bastard but I got through them just the same, despite me choosing to go in the dead of night where visibility was really against me.

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