Monday 4 June 2012

Colorful Distractions

I've hit a slight pause to my re-exploration of the zone with Mabinogi NA releasing the next main stream content: Generation 16 - Macbeth! aka - "Maybe this time I get to kill Shakespeare"? His initial addition to the game was met by quite a few WTFs but they are doing a decent job of tying his story up with the overall "which God/Goddess is not insane" theme they have going on, though the general consensus is they're all messed up in the head. :P

Haven't played Mabinogi before? I suggest you give it a try! They've even introduced martial arts abilities which are quite visually impressive. I may dabble in those later once I finish my sword and bow training too.
Another game I've been trying out is Dino Beatdown which is going quite cheap on steam atm. It is chock-full of bugs but still good fun to play with a team. Currently there are only 3 dino types with below average AI makes it a pretty easy game to practice your FP shooter skills if you are a newbie to the genre too. Can't help but think this game is a more polished "copy" though - Primal Carnage. Certainly stays to the dinosaur theme at least?

Lastly Game of Thrones Season 2 has just drawn to a close and just like its first season I (as a non reader of the books) am finding it incredibly awesome. Episode 9 in particular is a good watch with the Battle of Blackwater. Unlike the other episodes it doesn't hop from location to location but that gives it more time to show some fine medieval warfare. For the first time too I might add, as they usually just skip the big fights due to budget constraints.

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