Monday, 6 November 2017

Battle Brothers: Professional Killers

Part of the Fate of Heroes series - spoilers ahead!

After word spread of their vampire run in, the Spears are now considered "Professionals" and even purchased their own supply cart to help carry loot. While being couriers and hunting dire wolves were still the staple jobs, the nobles of House Folsach - the House of the Valley, requested they clear out some greenskins nearby.

These young orcs are fearsome but are no match for the Spears, even with their "stun" charge moves mainly because it still makes them hit the spear wall. On the way back Majorn spots a necromantic ritual though, and urges the Spears to investigate. They do so and find zombies, and of course, a necromancer!

Physically the necromancer is just a guy in robes, but he can continuously raise the fallen and buff one zombie per round to go "crazy". This is particularly bad if said zombie is armored and is holding a meat cleaver as Tartarus finds out, when he is relentlessly hacked into.

The usually slow zombies get an action buff from necromancers.

Dead, he stands up almost immediately to fight against his living brothers, and it is up to Gander to put him down. By that point Craizee had reached the Necromancer and made him a corpse too. At least the ancient coins they find on him are worth a bit of currency.


  1. Battle Brothers is really fun, especially for the first few playthroughs. Is this your first run?

    I'm a big fan of the game's permadeath - adds a lot more weight to all of the battles in the game. Been spending more time in the world of XCOM2 personally, but I'm excited for some upcoming fantasy games in that realm.

    1. Thanks for the comment and yes this is my first run. :)

      I too am a fan of permadeath and enjoyed XCOM as well (i have a story of that playthrough somewhere on here)! Haven't got XCOM2 yet but looking forward to it as well, but I do enjoy a fantasy more. ^_^