Sunday 31 May 2015

NBI: Poetry Slam 2015 (and Seven Sins) Round-up!

The NBI for this year is just about finished and it sure attracted a number of blogs I've not previously followed, swelling my link numbers from 59 to 107! I also managed to get a few participants (because I'm not as awesome as orignal host Syl) for this "Gold" themed poetry slam, and would like to thank everyone that participated. Hope the NBI was a good experience for all and I'll be seeing you around in the blogosphere. :)

In the meantime, you should give all the entries a look:

Randark's Bioshock Haiku
Donnalbain by Braag Son of Balin (who it posted on the forums - scroll down)
Braxwolf's Ode to Gold
Murf's Bar with a Coin
Izlain's Shutdown Gold
Pixel Money

For those interested I also compiled a small results list from the final "seven gaming sins" talk-back challenge and had 19 people reply. Of them:

11 - Don't mind sexiness in game
14 - Have a large backlog of games
16 - Opt out of non-rewarding or non-enjoyable acts
10 - Help strangers
4 - Yell at people when angry
2 - Stalk people out of hatred
15 - Get envious
6 - Kick or avoid weak players

Make of that what you will and thank you to all those who responded!


  1. You missed mine...